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A password pecker

Some phones are too dumb to let slip their secrets. Flip-phone or candy-bar "burners" often hold messages and information crucial to police cases but are so primitive that software designed to tease out clues can't interface with them. Burner Breaker is a compact brute-force password bot. It can enter up to 14,400 combos a day, cracking most devices in hours. That means fewer hand cramps for police. Fewer cold cases too.

Posted by Susteen's Burner Breaker. October 17, 2017

WECT NBC Wilmington NEWS 03/08/2017

Sheriff's office to invest in software that unlocks phone passcodes

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Brunswick County commissioners approved a grant that gives the sheriff's office a discount on new-age forensic software.

Secure View makes products that access locked cell phones and tablets. They service law enforcement agencies across the nation and soon Brunswick County Sheriff's Office will be one of them.

In their application for the grant, the sheriff's office said it takes in 25-30 phones monthly. Secure View said this new package could breathe new life into cases that previously went cold with locked cell phones stuck in evidence lockers.

Posted by Connor DelPrete on Thursday, March 8, 2017

Inside the software law enforcement uses to get into your phone

Opening a phone - When a phone is locked with a passcode, companies can run "brute force" applications to open it. Irvine, Calif.-based Susteen, for example, has an "SV Strike" program that can uncover passcodes and pattern locks on iPhones or Android phones by running combinations until the right one is identified.

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Cracking into Criminals' Phones

Cracking into criminals' phones! Susteen, Inc. is developing new technology to help law enforcement break into cell phones--including so called "burner phones." They give us a first look at how it works--as the fight between Apple Inc. & the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation continues.

Posted by Elex Michaelson on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Susteen Secure View Launches the Most Advanced Cell Phone Pincode/Passcode Breaking Software Ever Developed for Law Enforcement Agencies

The SV Strike is a mobile forensic tool, capable of acquiring advanced pincode/passcodes on thousands of the most popular phones.

The only service in the world capable of breaking pincodes on burner/throw-away phones and non-USB OTG compliant smart phones..

Irvine, Ca. 01/14/2016

With easy to view videos and instructions, the SV Strike will replace foreign devices with questionable abilities. While hacker tools were able to break into certain phones, they were not built for law enforcement purposes. The SV Strike combined the need to access phones quickly with the need for accurate reporting features. New features include pattern lock acquisitions and an advanced passcode setting, to crack longer, more advanced passcodes.

The Quantum Strikeis a game-changer for law enforcement agencies and corporations alike. The Quantum Strike includes all pincode/passcode breaking functions of the SV Strike yet adds the ability to acquire data such as texts, emails, call history and more, from the most popular smart phones. The Quantum Strike can be easily implemented in the field or back at HQ.

SV Strike Expanded Service:
The only service in the world capable of breaking pincodes on burner/throw-away phones and non-USB OTG compliant smart phones. This service allows access to thousands of locked phones in which no other provider on the planet can gain access to easily. These phones include the most popular "burner and throw-away" phones used by criminals as well as pre-paid phones found in the most popular retail locations. Phones must be sent to Susteen. Chain-of-custody will be upheld and all processes are recorded.


Irvine, CA. August 14, 2015

Date: July 24, 2015
To: Jeremy Kirby
Director of Sales
Susteen Inc


On Tuesday, May 26, 2015, my law enforcement unit hosted a meeting for a number of law enforcement agency members wherein Susteen Inc. provided a demonstration of their products which included the "SV Strike" and "Secure View."

My department has seized an unprecedented amount of contraband cellular telephones within the penal system. The investigative units at each penal site are combating this problem using multiple methods to interdict these contraband cellular phones to ensure public safety. The methods used by the department to interdict the contraband cellular telephones includes cell searches, contraband K-9 units and cellular signal capturing equipment. Additionally, other forms of interdiction include forensic examination equipment which allows investigators to examination the seized contraband cellular devices to ensure public safety.

Prior to the May 26, 2015 meeting, ISU sought cellular telephone forensic equipment that would bypass numeric screen locks on contraband touch screen cellular telephones seized from inmate housing areas. While conducting an internet search for such a product, I discovered "Susteen".

While viewing Susteen's website, they offered a product named "SV Strike". The "SV Strike" was presented as the solution to bypass pin codes and screen locks on IPhones and Androids.

I contacted Susteen and was introduced to Eryn Williams in the sales department. I presented Ms. Williams with the problem that our department was facing with the numeric screen locks. Ms. Williams immediately understood what forensic equipment was necessary, and promptly offered to unlock our contraband cellular telephones for us as a demonstration of Susteen's ability. Subsequently, I over-nighted three (3) contraband cellular telephones to Ms. Williams. Upon Ms. Williams receiving the cellular telephones, she informed me that they would begin working on the phones immediately. Ms. Williams called me the following day and relayed the phones were unlocked and being returned to me for examination. I thanked her immensely and invited her to complement our meeting and showcase the "SV Strike."

During our meeting, Ms. Williams presented the "SV Strike" and its capabilities. The presentation of the "SV Strike" was received with enthusiasm. During the presentation Ms. Williams also presented "Secure View", a product that can analyze the information contained within the cellular phone and can be used to prevent ongoing criminal activity. At the end of the presentation, Ms. Williams was fielded with specific questions by the investigator's regarding the application of the "SV Strike" and "Secure View" in their environment. Ms. Williams answered their questions with knowledge of the product and their application in the field.

It is the goal of our unit to procure the "SV Strike" and "Secure View" to assist us in combating illicit activity within the penal system and in the public.

Thanks to Susteen "SV Strike," our law enforcement unit was able to continue its investigation into the criminal activity inside our penal system and the co-conspirators on the streets. I recommend Susteen and the "SV Strike" to law enforcement investigators.

John Gibson
Peace Officer

Secure View 4 Launches in March with Increased Support and Physical Acquisitions for iOS8 mobile forensics with their partner Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit, now officially support devices running Apple's latest version of iOS, the iOS 8. This includes iPhone 4S, 5 and 5C, iPad 2 through 4, the original iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5th gen.

Secure View Mobile.

Secure View offers cutting edge mobile forensic solutions to Law, Military and Corporate partners.

Irvine, CA. (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

Secure View was one of the first mobile forensic companies and is in use by the FBI, USSS, DOD and hundreds of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

Why do we feel supporting iOS 8 is such a major step? Because with the release of iOS 8 Apple themselves won't be able to handle government requests, while Secure View with ElcomSoft tools still can — even if for a limited number of devices!

Secure View is a world leader in mobile forensic software. Over the last year, Secure View has gone through a major update process culminating in a brand new and user friendly Secure View 4 which will be released in March 2015. Secure View offers special grants and subsidies for educational providers and law enforcement.

Secure View 4 is produced by Susteen 949-789-8221

US Border Patrol Increases Mobile Forensic Capabilities with Upgraded Susteen Secure View Software, Including iPhone Passcode Breaking Technology

The US Border Patrol in New Orleans has renewed and upgraded their Secure View 3 software. Secure View is a world leader in cell phone forensics allowing law enforcement agencies to pull physical deleted data off of cell phones.

- The FBI came to Susteen in 2005 with a need for cell phone forensics. -

Irvine, Ca. (PRWEB) September 25, 2014

The US Border Patrol in New Orleans has renewed and upgraded their Secure View 3 mobile forensic software. Secure View is in the process of releasing major updates for 2015 including more support for physical deleted data and a brand new interface with advanced auto detection. Secure View has partnered with Elcomsoft to provide iPhone passcode breaking technology to Secure View customers as well as increased access to phone apps. Along with the Border Patrol in New Orleans, many government agencies are in the process of acquiring updated Secure View cell phone forensic software. Secure View was the first major player in the cell phone forensic field. The FBI came to Susteen in 2005 with a need for cell phone forensics. The partnership brought forth the very first Secure View product and the capabilities have continued to grow. Secure View can retrieve texts, emails, calls, videos pictures and other files from cell phones, including geotags and both logical and physical data. This all comes as Susteen has made a big push for Secure View to be the most advanced cell phone forensic software on the market.

Recent new Secure View users include: Omaha Police Department, St. Louis County Police, Hamden (CT) Police, Apache County (AZ) Sheriff and hundreds more. They join a list of users that includes various RCFLs (regional computer forensic lab) across the country and major police and sheriff department's such as: Los Angeles Police Department, Orange County Sheriff, Miami-Dade Police and others.

Secure View is the mobile forensic software arm of Susteen, Inc. A California corporation whose products include DataPilot cellphone data transfer software and Mobile Genie, a data transfer solution for cell phone stores and retailers.

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