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We offer combinations of product options for specific markets & have formed strategic partnerships to provide better service to those customers.


Law Enforcement

Actionable Intelligence Gathering for Field Triage or Internal Investigations Susteen has leveraged our experience and cell phone data transfer (DataPilot)…



Solutions for Corporations: Human Resources & Compliance Departments Since digital data in corporate networks now include corporate cell phones, we would…


Higher Education

2014 Susteen Education Subsidy: Providing Secure View 3 Mobile Forensics Software with 25 Student Server Licenses to approved Colleges, Universities…



Specifically engineered solutions that precisely meet the needs of military investigators. Susteen’s Secure View product is the only product…

Secure View is a leading source in forensic data recovery. Our software is in use at various RCFL locations throughout the country as well as other police mobile forensic labs. Secure View will help your agency or corporation with forensic investigations and forensic analysis. We are a world leader in criminal forensics, mobile forensics forensic analysis of smart phones.