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Susteen 4N6 manages all Digital Forensic tools in one centralized portal designed specifically for the public and private sectors as well as law enforcement agencies.

Susteen 4N6 is able to be deployed all over the world and can integrate with

virtually every available forensic tool in today’s market.

Features of Susteen 4N6:

Susteen API Sensors

Susteen 4N6 has built unique API integrated solutions with all the forensic tools to seamlessly synchronize and retrieve case management and forensic investigation details from each specific tool.

Centralized Portal/Console

Susteen 4N6 provides a solid foundation for an Agency’s Digital forensic management by providing a centralized user interface that offers role-based access by function and a global view to access real-time analysis, case management and reporting.

Evidence Data Management

Customers will be able to attach all the evidence and related documents to their cases. They will be able to manage documents from one location. 4N6 supports different document formats which include Media files and tool specific output formats.

Data at Rest Encryption

All the evidence data and files stored will be completely encrypted by our proven DATA at REST technology. The encryption technology SPx (Secure Parser extended) meet all regulatory compliance. It is FIPS 140-2 certified, EAL4+ compliance and secure.

Correlation and Search Engine

Susteen's Advanced Correlation Engine (CE) module offers sophisticated correlation and analysis of all Evidence data in a uniquely intuitive fashion. With a practical combination of flexibility, usability and comprehensive data analysis, the Correlation Engine delivers real-time visibility to related cases and investigations, that are otherwise undetectable in any practi- cal way.

Integrated Case Management System

The Susteen 4N6 manages digital forensic cases and investigations. Now our customers will be able to manage their cases in a single, unified platform 4N6 easily captures and tracks cases, reports and findings with its automated case workflow management. It also assigns and tracks lines of investigation, raises actions and assigns them to your investigative team

Susteen 4N6

Digital forensics for Enforcement agency and Internal affairs Organizations is become key challenge due to an increase in cybercrime and extensive use of technology for cyber misconducts. The market for Forensic data extraction and analysis tools has evolved in recent years. Different software and hardware vendors are providing unique and special solutions for helping digital forensic investigations for agencies and organizations. The challenge here occurs when Agencies/Organizations use multiple solutions and software/hard- ware from different vendors.

Susteen 4N6 solves the problem by providing a Central management portal through the effective use of different forensic tools, the integration to manage all the data and information to aid the monitoring workflow.

The Prime focus is on securing the data collected and helping to centrally track and retrieve data and information when needed.

4N6 offers extensive reporting, helps improve efficiency and avoids duplicate data as well as links related data.

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