Add the most Advanced Pincode, Passcode, Pattern Breaking Technology to your arsenal!

The Burner Breaker will revolutionize the mobile forensics industry.

Break into Thousands
of "Burner" Phones

Have the capability to break into almost any phone including Chinese Chipset phones and South American phones.

Reopen Cold Cases
with New Evidence

Up until now, no company in the world has had the capability of breaking into "burner, pre-paid," phones.

Built in your Forensic Lab

with Onsite Training Software is preprogrammed for various phone types and can be programmable by user for newer phone models.

This hardware/software combination will allow law enforcement and government agencies easy access to thousands of locked phones.

Susteen's BurnerBreaker can access these phones by pinpointing the location of each number and manually pressing it.
Our software can go through thousands of codes and allows access to these locked phones for the first time.

Susteen Advanced Mobile
Forensics Products and Kits

We offer combinations of product options for specific markets & have formed strategic partnerships to provide better service to those customers.

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Acquire Passcodes

SV Strike

The SV Strike is capable of acquiring 6 digit pincode or passcodes on the most popular phones including the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus.


Secure View

Secure View will be the most versatile tool in your arsenal. 3 Simple Steps to Data Case Management.