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Susteen, Inc.

Developers of Secure View Mobile Forensics

Founded in April, 1991 by Hiro Maruyama, in Southern California, Susteen, Inc. is an international design solution provider, specializing in the area of data communications and mobile computing. Susteen strives to enhance data communications through multi-level applications, and to develop products that provide convenience to the client through technological innovations.

Susteen, Inc. is experiencing tremendous growth and expansion in various areas of research, development and engineering. From its birth, Susteen has forged an enviable record of successful product introductions in the fast paced disciplines of telecommunication, system design/integration, firmware, and software development for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Over the years, Susteen has developed various software and hardware products in collaboration with numerous, world-renowned international corporations. Susteen has expanded its scope to the global arena and currently has several projects underway. These projects are either built upon strategic alliances with distinguished corporate partners, or through Susteen's internal product development. Susteen's core competencies consists in both hardware and software solutions for the wireless communication industry and consumer market, carefully designed, expanded and enhanced to provide excellent mobile experience to the end user.


Years on Global Market.



Secure View

Mobile Forensics Tools

When the FBI requested Susteen to create more features for cell phone management and enhance investigative and reporting tool, we leveraged our experience with DataPilot and released a Mobile Forensic Investigation Tool called Secure View. Secure View became the first mobile forensic software in the market. Secure View 3 is the ultimate software and hardware solution, providing law enforcement, military & civil, corporate, forensic consultants, and educators with data extraction of content stored in mobile phones. Investigators can now gain access to vital information in seconds without the need to wait for results from a forensics lab. Secure View 3 also contains a full suite of tools; analyzing, bookmarking, and reporting. Susteen and its experienced development team ensure that examiners have access to the most comprehensive and complete set of utilities in the market. We also offer on line training and certification on the Secure View product.

Our friendly support staff is available to help you. If you have questions or need additional information regarding a recent purchase or any of our products, please feel free to contact us.


Mobile Phone Management

DataPilot, the first of its kind, is a software suite that enables mobile phone users with the ability to transfer contact information to and from any PC. DataPilot can also transfer information from your mobile phone to your PDA via desktop or laptop. You can easily add, edit and delete new and existing contact information. The user-friendly interface allows the mobile phone user to transfer in seconds or drag and drop data from the most popular contact management software such as Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook Express® and ACT!2000TM and store up to 10,000 address entries in the DataPilot Address Book. It also allows consumers to change mobile phones and easily transfer the data from one mobile phone to another.

DataPilot differentiates in the marketplace by positioning itself as an all-in-one complete solution to the mobile phone user. DataPilot supports phone book management, ringtone composer, Internet data connectivity, image editor, SMS Manager, and Calendar based on cell phone models (please check the feature and model compatibility), while its price falls in the same price band as competitive products that offers only one of the functionalities. Now you can check e-mails and surf the web using your cell phone as a wireless modem while on the go, personalize your mobile phone with your favorite ringtones and pictures and always stay organized by getting access to your Outlook appointments right from your mobile device.

Mobile Genie

for Cellular Retail Stores

Mobile Genie is a software solution which runs on your computer. By offering additional services through your in-store computer, you utilize your computing resources more efficiently and consequently you lower the total cost of ownership of your computer. Mobile Genie is instantly updated to the latest phone support via the Internet as new devices are launched into market. No need to connect to a PC or manually update your software as with other competitive products. Mobile Genie does it for you!

We are sensitive to your capital investments in this time of recession. Mobile Genie is a data transfer service you can terminate instantly if you decide that your ROI objectives are not being met. Don't tie up valuable investment in expensive hardware-based data transfer solutions. Powerful Software allows you to:

  • Backup, restore, transfer contacts, ringtones/ music, wallpapers/ pictures, movies, tasks and SMS
  • Backup to memory card or USB drive
  • Supports 2000+ phone models

Make, technology and mobile operator agnostic solution – Mobile Genie works with all cell phone manufacturers regardless of mobile operator, technology, or device platform

Acquire Passcodes

SV Strike

The SV Strike is capable of acquiring 6 digit pincode or passcodes on the most popular phones including the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus.


Burner Breaker

The Burner Breaker will revolutionize the mobile forensics industry. Built in your forensic lab with onsite training.