Why Secure View for Mobile Forensics?

Secure View will be the most versatile tool in your digital forensic arsenal. Industry leading mobile forensic technology!

Pull data from thousands of cell phones and tablet computers.

svProbe is an exclusive process that includes case file creation and Bookmarking and full analytical functionality.

Combined with our existing analysis tools, this creates a data processing work flow in one complete package.

Every criminal has a cell phone. We know what's on it, do you?

Our industry-leading reporting features allow users to fully export and report on all information found on the phone. Create Evidence Reports based
only on the information that you find is relevant to your case. Complete reports can be generated showing all information found on the suspect's
phone. This includes Deleted Data, all files, (pictures, videos, documents etc.) messages, calls and more.

Secure View Advanced Mobile
Forensics Products and Kits

Secure View Advanced Mobile Forensics Products and Kits. We offer combinations of product options for specific markets & have formed strategic partnerships to provide better service to those customers.

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Acquire Passcodes

SV Strike

The SV Strike is capable of acquiring 6 digit pincode or passcodes on the most popular phones including the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus.


Burner Breaker

The Burner Breaker will revolutionize the mobile forensics industry. Built in your forensic lab with onsite training.