Users can now easily extract physical images from cell phones and analyze the data.

Secure View's new APEX (Advanced Physical Explorer) allows users to acquire a physical dump off of cell phones and easily view the acquired data.


Advanced data loading for quick startup and easy to operate and share reports with others.

Create Evidence

Create reports by flagging pertinent data. Drill down into database files and flag for evidence.

Interpret Various
Media Files

Can read .DD files, Binary Files, Image Files, Raw Image Files, iTunes Files and more.

APEX has a powerful Image Carver for finding fragmented deleted data.
Find Orphan files and any associated data easily.

This Physical Analyzer can be used with current Non-Secure View tools in your arsenal. Extract Physical Dump Files from hundreds of LG phones (even when passcode protected).

Susteen Advanced Mobile
Forensics Products and Kits

We offer combinations of product options for specific markets & have formed strategic partnerships to provide better service to those customers.

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Acquire Passcodes

SV Strike

The SV Strike is capable of acquiring 6 digit pincode or passcodes on the most popular phones including the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus.


Secure View

Secure View will be the most versatile tool in your arsenal. 3 Simple Steps to Data Case Management.