Why Secure View for Mobile Forensics?

Secure View will be the most versatile tool your arsenal.

3 Simple Steps to Data Case Management:

3 Simple Steps!

Secure View provides affluent logical and physical data to the mobile phone forensic investigator or instructor.  Secure View has a solid foundation to preform and recover advanced, proficient results for corporate IT, security, or criminal situations. Our software follows known comprehensive forensic methodology.  Secure View captures Contacts, Call History, Text Messages, MMS, Calendar Application Data, Deleted Data and other accessible data, while providing a graphical interface making it user friendly.  Secure View is built to work hand-in-hand with other industry tools, making it an integral part of your forensic toolbox.


svProbe Analytics sets Secure View apart from its competitors and is included on all!

This is the essential solution to your Mobile Forensics Investigation.  Secure View can be software based, mobile, or complete with our Next-Gen NUC personal forensic device.  All have built in svProbe Analytics.

svProbe is an exclusive process that includes case file creation and bookmarking. Combined with our existing analysis tools, this creates a data processing work flow in one complete package. It’s the only tool in the Mobile Forensic market that provides 3 specific processes for examination: acquire, analyze (process), and report.

svProbe Includes: Discovery, Timeline, Prime # Lists, Link Graphs, Gallery, Activity Maps, Web Activity

Benefits & Highlights:

  • One Easy to Use Platform: Streamlined Acquisition: Engineered to maximize accuracy of use and to increase acquisition success rates. Just a few simple steps get your through an otherwise disjointed and complex process easily!
  • Multiple Reporting Options: Refined reports for specific needs of investigation. Individual Reports of specific features. Validation Report MD5 Hash & SHA-1 for credibility. Complete Report option reveals all retrievable data. Evidence Report option condenses data into forensically sound evidential report. Optional formats include html, csv and pdf files.
  • Logical and Physical Acquisitions!
  • Affordable! Costs as much as 1/3 LESS than compatible mobile forensics tools.
  • Quality Customers: Secure View software solutions provide the foundation for military, government, and law enforcement organizations to perform efficient and thorough mobile device investigations in security, or criminal conditions.  The Secure View product line is being used by corporations to investigate compliance auditing, monitoring and other investigations dealing with company owned cell phone devices.
  • Compatible to 3rd Party Software
  • Robust Case Management Tools
  • Exclusive svProbe Analytics
  • Audit Trail Features
  • WHQL Driver (Microsoft Tested and Approved)
  • Supporting Windows 32 and 64 Bit


Options & Features:

  • Product Training and Certification Available
  • Licensing Options Available

* Access to features may be dependent upon specific manufacturers’ phone settings.



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Physical extraction and data acquisition is provided.
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Secure View 3 Software Kit

The Essential Solution to Your Mobile Forensics Investigation. An exclusive process that includes case file creation and bookmarking.
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